Are you excelling at leading at work and beyond, setting up everyone else around you for success but in the process, losing touch with yourself? 

Do you experience a constant nagging feeling that you are running behind and you strive for some type of balance equation that never seems to happen?

As a woman leader, do you feel you are under increasing pressure to perform at a high level at work; doing more with less while also wanting to fulfil commitments with family and community?

If you relate to any of these questions, I get it because I was there too.

It seemed as though everything was under control from the outside. I was building a business, managing my family and painting a picture of contentment and success.   


On the inside though, I sometimes felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. At times I was in a persistent state of urgency and overwhelm.  I was trying to carve out and maintain my professional identity and at the same time I felt like a slave to the family rhythm.  I felt responsible for everyone and everything.  It was crushing.


I sensed that burnout, poor health and hopelessness were around the corner.  Having three young children and being the lead parent, it hit me, if I went down, the whole family would go down.  I realised that my choices were leading me along a path of disconnection not only to myself, who I was and wanted to be but also to the important people in my life.

I took stock and re-built from the ground up. I discovered ways to turn off and create space for the things that really mattered to me. It was a game changer and now I coach other women leaders to create clarity about what is important rather than what is urgent. 

We disrupt the old models of what success looks like, creating a new relationship with your career and your life that actually works.

Together we rewrite the story and your day to day experience transforms.


How we work

We work together to customise a coaching engagement that meets your specific needs to enable you to integrate career goals and care-giving commitments in ways that serve and support both, achieving sustainable performance and fulfilment. A typical coaching engagement lasts for 6 months with an initial 90 minute deep dive session followed by one hour fortnightly sessions.


One to one leadership coaching

Gain clarity about what is important and understand the core issues getting in the way of performance and leadership potential

  • Manage energy rather than time to optimise performance

  • Develop effective ways to measure success

  • Increase self awareness and insights to access creativity

  • Build resiliency so that you can overcome setbacks

  • Achieve sustainable behaviour change by building practices to stay on track

  • Develop strategies to integrate career goals and care-giving commitments to create sustained higher performance at work and beyond


If you are ready to integrate your career and care-giving in ways that serve and sustain, contact Danielle to schedule a complimentary discovery meeting. 

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