Does your organisation experience challenges retaining and developing high calibre and emerging women leaders?


Is this costing your organisation and the bottom line in terms of recruitment and training, skills shortage, loss of experience and detrimental affects to morale?


DNA is committed to working with organisations and leaders to not only retain top

leadership talent but to realise their untapped potential, accelerate their progression and positively influence organisational impact. 


Creating effective, flexible workplace strategies and developing a support structure for women and men with family responsibilities is one of the most crucial elements to breaking through barriers to women’s progression into leadership roles.


How we work

DNA partners with organisations and leaders to Simplify the Leadership Code.  Using a results oriented approach blending what we currently know from neuroscience, psychology, best practices and an understanding of the human experience we work together to enable all leaders regardless of gender to integrate career goals and care-giving commitments in ways that serve and support both, achieving sustainable performance and fulfilment.


One to one leadership coaching


Following coaching, leaders and emerging leaders are better able to:

  • Gain clarity about what is important and understand the core issues getting in the way of performance and leadership potential

  • Manage energy rather than time to optimise performance

  • Develop effective ways to measure success

  • Increase self awareness and insights to access creativity

  • Build resiliency so that they can overcome setbacks

  • Achieve sustainable behaviour change by building practices to stay on track

  • Develop strategies to integrate career goals and care-giving commitments to create sustained higher performance at work and beyond


Workplace culture conversations & review

In a changing work environment, the values of an organisation can look or feel different to individuals in the organisation compared to what is printed.  If you’re experiencing misalignment, disconnection, low employee engagement that is negatively impacting the workplace culture, DNA conducts conversations with key stakeholders, at all levels, to provide an accurate snapshot of employees experience at work.

 Following the review process, potential outcomes include:

  • Understand the current leadership culture from the ground up

  • Understand the key issues contributing to individual, team and organisational bottlenecks and barriers to performance

  • Identify the ideal leadership culture

  • Identify high impact initiatives required to improve leadership culture, increase employee engagement and enhance customer or client experience

Interactive presentations and workshops

During the tailor-made workshop experiences, participants are guided through insightful content and are given the opportunity to explore its application using their own unique perspective. 

Presentation and workshop topics include:

  • Simplify the Leadership Code – lessons from the leadership trenches

  • Why Work/Life Integration beats balance in today’s wired world

  • Inclusive leadership – a future focus for strategic business growth

  • Mind the Gap – why agreements vs. expectations are a game changer for leaders

  • Different not Difficult – using perspective as a strategy for effective communication and conflict resolution

  • The Success Equation – creating your own KPI’s for sustained performance and fulfilment

  • Busting Cultural Gender Myths – creating opportunities to leverage everyone’s superpowers in an inclusive environment


If your organisation is ready to Simplify the Leadership Code, contact Danielle to schedule a discovery meeting.

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