Workplace Wellbeing

By effectively investing in the wellbeing of your people, your organisation is in an advantageous position to achieve key, business outcomes.  These can include sustained performance, increased workforce engagement, cohesive and high functioning teams and increased productivity.

Building the internal resources or capacity of your people, can result in lower risk of burnout and chronic illness, greater employee resilience, increased opportunities for psychological safety, joint accountability and shared value creation.


I work in partnership with organisations to drive change and make a positive, lasting impact by offering:


One to One Wellbeing Leadership Coaching


My experience with clients has taught me that there is so much untapped potential available when leaders can move past the pressure they place on themselves and get clear about what success looks like.


Leaders often don’t have anywhere they can be seen, heard and understood without an agenda.  My one on one coaching work provides necessary reflection time and allows leaders to step back, see the bigger picture and capture important insights.


I help and support leaders to gain clarity, increase self awareness, manage challenges and develop strategies to create sustained higher performance at work and beyond.


Workplace Culture Conversations


In a changing work environment, the values of an organisation can look or feel different to individuals in the organisation, compared to what is communicated by management.  This can result in misalignment, disconnection, poor workplace culture and ultimately damage the bottom line. 


In a confidential, judgment-free and safe environment, I conduct conversations with key stakeholders, from the ground up, to identify the state of play in terms of their lived experience and their perception of organisational culture. 


Interactive Presentations and Workshops


I facilitate tailor made, interactive presentations with teams and wider groups creating a confidential, safe, judgement-free forum for discussion of wellbeing challenges at work and outside of work.  Participants question and gain increased awareness around the current way of operating, reflect on challenges, celebrate what is working well, explore useful tips, share best practices and develop strategies to make positive change. 


Presentations include:

  • Embracing diversity of thought

  • Building resiliency

  • Courageous leadership

  • Exponential energy

  • Re-think your thoughts

  • Unravelling overwhelm

  • Stress: friend or foe?

  • It’s NEVER about the weight

  • Transforming willpower into wantpower


Team Coaching


Cohesive, engaged teams require trust, shared mission and purpose, respect and positive leadership.  These are essential ingredients to ensure long term organisational sustainability.  I work with teams to support them to build and create these essential ingredients, working one to one and then collectively as a group.

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